Tuesday, August 7

Take My Hand, I'm A Phantom In Paradise!

Apologies for any sprelling mistakes, I'm using a dual language keyboard, with the English as the small options.

Well folks, some people (like my wife) think I am deeply sad to be blogging on holiday. Myself, I just like to think I am keeping the faith, and thinking of my loyal readership.

(Excuse me while I take a gulp of my ice cold Mythos beer.......

Ah! That's better. Beer mug just out of the freezer, rime of frost around the jug. Lovely.)

My lovely other half is down on the beach, all of 30 seconds away from here. I'm in the bar of our apartments, and being civilised they have 2 internet computers set up, just a few paces from the drinks and food.

It's a long journey down from London to Crete, and another couple of hours by coach to get here, which is Macrigyalos, give or take a letter or two.

We are in rooms literally overlooking the sea, with palm trees filling in the gap between our patio and the sea.

We have managed to leave the worst of the stresses of London behind already. The quiet beauty of this area does that. This resort is still relatively undeveloped. We haven't been back here for at least 7 years, but yesterday when we walked down the main (only) street, two of the shopkeepers came and greeted us, welcoming us back.

Bougainvillea (I think, one for Amalee to rule on when I get photos up) blooms are intertwining, grapes hanging in bunches above our heads wherever we go.

The sun is fierce at this time of day, so in a while I will go back to our room and fix some lunch, local Louganiga (sausages) in fresh baps with feta and sun-ripe tomatoes.

The restaurants are decent, but none really shine. Fortunately we have a brand new butchers (kreatopoleion) and a fishmonger (psaro something or other) since our last visit, and I love cooking on holiday. (more Madness?)

I will take plenty of photos (I will make sure to get some brakfast porn for A.I.) but I didn't bring my card reader so will have to upload back in the U.K.

Thanks to all for the kind wishes.

More in a few sun-drenched days.

Tomorrow, Chrissy Island, Today, the beach!!

Love from the Phantom and his sun bronzed lady.

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Amalee Issa said...

".. is deeply sad..." No, they weren't the words I thought of when I arrived home from work, hot and bothered and filthy, and then read the part about the ice-frosted rim of your beer glass recently removed form the fridge.
LOL have a great holiday!