Wednesday, March 9

Eight Miles High!

I believe it was Kate Moss who said "Nothing Tastes like Slim Feels."
Well I have a new one.
Nothing feels like running 13K just because you can.
I had an amazing run around Finsbury Park yesterday. All Eight Miles!

Friday, March 4

But I haven't got time to post on the blog.....

Trouble is, it's all circular. I want to post on the blog. Angela and I use it as a sort of online memory-bank. It's amazing how you forget things nowadays. Getting older, less time and more distractions.
We used to post much more frequently, but as you don't post, you grow more reluctant to re-start. Alcoholic-falling-off-the-wagon-again syndrome. After a while you stop trying. It will be too disappointing to start again and then let it drop again. Embarrassing even. It's like when you pick up a paintbrush but part of you is frightened of mucking up a nice, safe blank sheet of watercolour paper. Plus there's all the things I promised to do but haven't done..... They are really embarrassing. Tributes to loved ones and acquaintances now dead..... Breaking promises to the dead. Now that is really mean...... Mind you, I'm doing more than I used to... Going to the gym before work, running three times a week, on no less than three committees... Plus this year we are really going to get the Garden looking good and productive.... I somehow find time for all this... Trouble is, it's all circular. I want to post on the blog.........