Tuesday, January 29

A Room With a View

I was birding in South Devon this weekend. This is the view from my hotel room. 

Wednesday, January 23

Neigh, Neigh and Thrice Neigh.

In the light of the recent revelations about Tesco's burgers , maybe Waitrose might go for a re-design?

Snow Joke

Following on from our wash-out coach trip, this weekend a band of intrepid MBS birders are scheduled to be in South Devon for a long weekend. 
Let's hope the snow clears in time
We will be praying to the Snow God. 

Sign of the times

The Saturday before last was spent in horizontal rain; we were allegedly birding in Hampshire.
The road sign said it all...
Luckily the Ship Inn was warm, very welcoming, and did lovely chips!

Sunday, January 6

Twelfth Night (plus or minus 1)

Time to say thank you to the Nordmann Fir for 2012, and pack the fairy away for another  year. Back to work tomorrow. Normality?

Saturday, January 5

Free Pee!

This sign was at Marylebone station this morning.  I am always happy to get something for nothing!

Tuesday, January 1

A Tail of Mice

Cats are by nature hunters, beautiful but ruthless.
Last year I kept a tally of how many rodents our cats, Tigger and Fluffy caught.

Fluffy managed a haul of nine mice.
Tigger caught, killed and ate twenty.
Plus a wood pigeon, a rat (brought in to the house alive, oh joy!), a blackbird and a magpie.
Tonight Angela and I were eating our supper when I heard a sound I recognised; Fluffy calling to let us know he had a mouse.
Various noises off occurred, and when we next looked in the hall, this is what was left...

Hampstead Heath New Year!

Happy New Year. 
The champagne isn't mine by the way. 

It is something of a tradition among birders to kick the year list off with a New Year's Day  birding trip. 

Today 7 of our birding group met for our regular Tuesday stroll which coincided with the first day of the New year. 

23 species were seen, with superb views of Green Woodpecker  and brief glimpses of Kingfisher as the highlights. 

A lovely morning, sunny and bitterly cold.
Perfect birding weather.