Thursday, December 20

The Staple Remover Is Unwell

Over the last three weeks the Phantom has been ducking and diving to avoid the cold bug which has floated around my library since the start of December. Of course, as it was my birthday last Saturday, I came down with it on Friday morning.

Like most men, when I get a cold I go down with all the unexpected swiftness of the Hindenburg having a bad landing. I have spent most of this past week with my eyes streaming, my nose running, lungs struggling to pass oxygen through mucus-filled sludge. Get the idea? ILL.

Having set the scene, I bring you, gentle reader, to the marital bedroom.


THE PHANTOM is sitting on the edge of the bed, having woken up, yet again, coughing.

HIS BETTER HALF rouses from the depths of her slumber...

BETTER HALF: You alright?

PHANTOM: Yeah, I just woke up again, I woke myself up coughing...

BETTER HALF: No you didn't...

PHANTOM: Yes, I woke up choking and coughing...


BETTER HALF: No you didn't...

Yes, it had to happen. After twenty years of being married, my wife has got to the point where she can argue with me in her sleep!

Thursday, December 6

Catty Christmas

We started writing our Christmas cards a couple of nights ago.

Its the sort of job that needs all hands on deck...

Though I think that Tigger has already decided on his favourite card...

Sunday, December 2

An Advent Calendar

This is a site set up by Westminster Libraries. Festive information and tips. Best of all you can't cheat - you can only open each window on the day itself or after.

Saturday, December 1

200 Not Out

It is, undeniably, December.

The last three and a bit weeks passed too quickly to capture in this blog.

  • Seeing Arcade Fire live at Alexandra Palace
  • Cooking curries for our friends Eze and Jackie's new son. We did (by special request) veggie curries as part of a bring-and-share at our church. These events are beginning to get a reputation and the queue for food stretched right out of the building. Edible Love in generous portions at the baptism of Onyedikachi Sean Ugoala.
  • Doing a really good interview for an internal vacancy at my college.
Low Points?

  • After standing all night for Arcade Fire my Sciatica is killing me.
  • I couldn't hang around at the feast as I had to go shopping for my mum, and then work on my job application.
  • There were only two vacancies. I came third...
Nevermind. It's only 24 days now 'til Christmas. This is the 200th post on this blog, and the 100th post was about things I learned over Christmas. If you fancy a reminder, just click here.