Wednesday, August 1

Guilty Pleasures

There is something about having friends gathering for lunch during the week that always makes me feel guilty. Irrational, I know, but it does.

Today my wife and the Legal Eagle were joined by our old friend "Battey Moo". (Just don't ask).

Another reason for me feeling guilty was that I didn't do any cooking for our feast. I was working a half-day, so I thought I would relax and let someone else put in the effort. I popped into Olga Stores, a long-established Italian Deli in Penton Street, just around the corner from Chapel Market.

For a sunny day lunch an Italian Deli is very hard to beat. In quick order I had secured ham with rosemary, some pastrami, peppers (stuffed with tuna and capers), artichokes and anchovies, both marinated in oil and of course olives. I added some mushrooms a la Greque and a buffalo mozzarella, milky and soft. The cheese would be sliced and added to tomatoes and home-grown basil, the only work I had in the whole meal. Oh, and I washed some lettuce leaves. That was it.

Ripe peaches and cherries dipped in creamy yogurt provided dessert. It was a most satisfying afternoon.

I think I can live with the Guilt.

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Chris said...

Just loaded this url on my site and thought it might appeal to you... would provide a well earned rest following your 'exertions' over lunch...

... use it well!! :)

(and back to Chris... lordy!!)