Tuesday, April 27

Flower Power - Greek Style

We are back from Samos. I never did get to send any more posts from Greece - the internet connection was decidedly patchy!

We landed at Heathrow two days before the Icelandic volcano stopped all air traffic. Can't win 'em all!

Flowers were all around us on our walks. The countryside of England must have looked like this not so long ago, before agriculture became monoculture and "weeds" were banned...

On one walk we were kindly invited to look round a greenhouse where orchids were being grown for sale.

This is Angela checking out the fragrance...

They weren't the only orchids on the island though. This is a monkey orchid. I haven't identified the insect yet.

Saturday, April 3

Some Recent photos

The previous post was somewhat concerned with death.

Now at Easter the focus is on resurrection.

Very few places on Earth take Easter as seriously as in Greece, and Angela and I are luck enough to be in Samos, a beautiful verdant island in the North-Eastern Aegean.

We are on a walking holiday.

I'll be posting a few photos over the next week....

Here are some to start with...

The poppies are already in bloom in the hedges and fields...

And the churches are all looking their best. This is the newly renovated church in Paleocastro, above Vathy in Samos..

This was the view from our walk today. Absolutely stunning.

Happy Easter to All...