Saturday, August 25

Bring Me Sunshine

Those of us old enough to remember Morecambe and Wise will know that the song was only performed at the end of the show. My wife and I were certainly singing it when we got back from holiday last Sunday.

We got in to Gatwick airport at around 7pm and everywhere was cold, overcast and dreary. A fine drizzle completed the re-acclimatization and reminded us that Greece wasn't just 3 1/2 hours away, it was gone for another year.

We instantly started suffering from SAD, and it has been too depressing to post for the last few days.

We have been surrounded by damp piles of washing, and the house and garden alike smell of Autumn, musty, damp and cool.

This morning though, I woke at 7 to see the sun sneaking through the window blinds. Tigger was calling for his breakfast, and everything looked brighter again.

It is good to be back, after all.

And remember, One Person's Sunset is Someone Else's Morning.


Sky said...

Welcome back... nice picture!

Tho I'm not entirely convinced it was taken from your bedroom window in London.. unless the tide came in a lot further than usual?? :)

Sky said...

By the way... the card arrived yesterday! Looks like a nice place to holiday and almost as warm as here :)

Temp here last week ranged up to 27ÂșC... not bad for the end of winter!

Still, at least Greece has a vibrant culture. Not a lot of that in evidence out where we live. :(