Wednesday, March 20

You Know You Are Getting Old When ...

They start selling Televisions as Antiques

Monday, March 18

In praise of old pubs

Yesterday Angela and I joined a ramble around Ware in Hertfordshire. Although muddy in parts, the walk went through some lovely countryside. 
Perhaps the best bit of the walk was the lunch stop though!
We went to The White Horse in Wareside. It was like stepping in to the past. Public and Saloon bars ( so no problems with our muddy boots), a piano, a lovely real fire, real ale and two lovely dogs asleep. In their own beds by the fire. 
Talking to the landlord, he told us the two Jack Russels earn their keep. He goes out shooting rabbits and the dogs retrieve for him. On a good night he can get 30 rabbits. No wonder rabbit pie was on the menu!
The photos above are of Henriette, the walk leader, getting to know one of the two dogs. 

Saturday, March 16

Half Board

We poached a lovely fresh trout this evening. The fish was big enough to have half each and still have a little left over. 
We finally realised we have become "cat people".
We found ourselves looking at the chopping board we had divided the fish on, thinking  "what shall we do with the juices?" And coming up with this solution!