Friday, March 28

Solitary Indulgence

Tonight my Good Lady is on a course. She will be out all evening, and I will be dining alone.

At times like this the temptation is to say "Sod It!" and either stop off in the ready meal section of your nearest supermarket, or reach for a tin of soup or beans from the cupboard.

However, I often indulge myself on nights like these, taking advantage of the chance to have liver or kidneys, pinky brown and eaten with too much mustard and bread to mop up the savoury juices.

Tonight I will make something I have been fancying quietly but would never make dining a deux, mussels with chilli, garlic and ginger.

The dish is simplicity itself:

Take Half a kilo or so of spanking fresh mussels, washed and picked over:

For the veg, chop a bunch of spring onions, an inch of ginger, two chillis and some garlic:

Quickly stir fry the veg in a wok in a tablespoonful of oil, cook for a minute or so, then add the mussels. Cook, stirring for a couple of minutes over a high heat. Add some water, white wine, fish stock, or cider, about two good glasses full. Cook, stirring every so often to move the open mussels to the top. Add a handful of beansprouts, and a sprinkling of sesame oil just to round out the oriental flavours:

Serve simply in a generous, heated bowl, with the deeply savoury juices mingling with the luscious mussels. If you have any booze left, enjoy a glass with your meal. As Saint Delia said, "One is Fun"!


Amalee Issa said...

Those mussels look so glossy and fabulous phantom.

Staple Remover said...

Many Thanks, Amalee.

Staple Remover said...
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Welsh Dog said...

Ooooh... now I have to ask what was deleted??

Nice to see you back by the way. Hope all is well with you and the lovely angel??

(Oh lord - Blogger has forgotten me again)

Staple Remover said...

Sadly, nothing mysterious or outrageous, no drunken flights of bile-ridden verbiage. I was having problems with the Blogger Word Verification captcha and it published my first comment twice.

A case of the palimpsest looking more interesting than the original.

Yes, both well.

Good luck with this year's campaign on the Flab Front!

Sky said...

Many thanks. The aggro on my blog seems to have dissipated with the hurried departure of our (ex)family and posts have returned to the standard, boring, ramblings of yore!

As for 'The Campaign', I'm finding my hunger sated a little just by looking at your pictures and devouring your descriptive writing! Keep it up please? :)

You've not mentioned how fares the effort to return your physique to the sylph like form as was?

As for food... sadly I developed an allergy to cockles and mussels many long years ago... whether "alive, alive oh!" or not. I have however told myself that when I get down to a reasonable weight I'll allow myself a ham. I've become quite addicted to baked/glazed hams... mmmmm haaammm...

Suddenly I feel quite hungry... how odd! :)

(Oh look... I'm back to being 'Sky' again! How nice!)

a.c.t. said...

When I find myself home alone of an evening, it's usually always a tin of tuna - with spaghetti and a sauce of tomatoes, black olives, garlic and parsley. My boyfriend hates tuna, so it's either that or a risotto which he's not keen on. I did find a way around this the other day - well almost. I made a type of paella with Spanish rice with squid and king prawns which he really liked. It's very similar to risotto in consistency, but perhaps not quite as mooshy (I can't think of a better word.)

Staple Remover said...

a.c.t. As well! Welcome to the party.
Pull up a chair and pour yourself a glass of wine!