Sunday, September 9

What A Gray Day!

My "last Published" column when I log-in says August 26th. It seems like even longer.

Culture shock seems to be the best explanation. Seasonal Affective Disorder struck as soon as our plane opened its doors at Gatwick Airport. Everything and every place seemed so gray. And Dreary. And Tiring.

No energy to blog. Sorry!

As usual at this time of year, my working days over the last two weeks have been filled with getting our library ready to go for this year's intake of students. Tomorrow is when it all kicks off.

We are going to be short staffed, and at half-four on Friday afternoon we heard that our IT department had shafted us big time had last minute problems which mean all our plans for inductions etc will need to be re-drawn.

Problem solving is what we do best. Probably because we get lots of practice.

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