Friday, May 25

Feeling Lonely (2)

My wife and I go back a long way. God Willing we will celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary in less than four months time.

One of our little traditions is to wish each other happy anniversary every Friday evening at around 8.20. This goes back to our first date, which was at this time and on that day.

This Friday my better half is on a training course which won't finish until nine this evening.

I know it's not long, but I miss having her to say "Happy Anniversary" to.

It makes some people cringe, others rush to throw up. We think it is a lovely reminder. Relationships change over the years, no one is identical to themselves twenty years before. This is our way of reminding ourselves about the passion, the excitement and the strength of the feelings we had all those years ago.

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Sky said...

h yes... yet again I miss the obvious... err... sorry. :)

Actually I found your wedding invitation a little while back but I've mislaid it again... it's safe but I can't quite recall *where* right now.

By the way, please let Mrs Phantom I uploaded some recent photos of us for her to laugh at... I just need to remember your e-mail address.