Friday, March 23

A Wizard Wheeze...

Is exactly what I still have. A week since I last summoned enough focus to post and I still feel dire.

I am not looking for sympathy, but after being on double-strength antibiotics since Monday I would expect to feel a little better.

In the comments to my previous post Aidan wonders whether I am suffering from the bird flu. I think it is unlikely, but as a fellow Tottenham supporter I may well be susceptible. I must admit I seem to have been in a decline since the Cup Tie From Hell.


Chris said...

If you've got boid flu then I'm glad I'm sympathising from a distance!

Seriously... *if* you had it, by now you'd not be there to receive the sympathy... so it could be worse.

Either way sounds like a damn bad dose of whatever virus caught you.

Get well soon ok?

a.c.t. said...

I had the flu for two weeks! Well kind of. The snivels just wouldn't go away. It must be working in a college environment that does it. All those 'orrible students spreading their diseases.

Totally off topic but do you ever go to France Fish in Stroud Green Road? We always used to buy squid from there but last time it was definitely going off. Grim.

The Phantom said...

a.c.t. Wonderful to hear from you!
Sorry I took so long to reply. Am only just getting back on my feet again. Your comment helped a lot to cheer me up.

France Fresh Fish? Haven't bought anything in there for ages. I dare say one bad review from you and they will closing for good! (I remember your Greek restaurant write-up!)

Any news on the novel? Or the Blog?

a.c.t. said...

I couldn't do that to them, although I've got a good mind to. When I asked him if the fish was farmed he pretended not to understand me!

I've written 23,000 words, only 27,000 to go. Glad you're feeling better.