Tuesday, May 28

In Praise of Serendipity

Yesterday was a Bank Holiday, and not only that but it was sunny too.

Taken aback by this unusual conjunction, Angela and I thought we would go for a stroll.
We both felt like a walk by the Thames, so we hopped onto a 4 bus and were soon whizzed through an empty City and decamped at the South Bank.
Apart from doing a circuit up to Tower Bridge and back, we had no great plans.
Picking up a coffee we soon bumped into what would be the first of a trio of exhibitions to investigate, all with free entry, though two of the three tempted us with stuff to buy.

The first was Everest 1953, a photographic exhibition celebrating the first conquest of Mount Everest, sixty years ago tomorrow. The photographs were breathtaking, some even in early colour processes.

After Everest, near the Globe, we came upon the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers Annual Exhibition.
I am learning a little lino-cutting at the moment, so this exhibition was a fascinating chance to see the wide variety of printmaking techniques being practised by experts.

The third exhbition was just outside the London Assembly building, sometimes unkindly referred to as "The Testicle". The display was of environmental initiatives and wildlife in the U.K. You can find the link here

In between we managed an excellent lunch at Zizzi, a restaurant chain new to us and chosen more or less at random.

At Tower Bridge we crossed to the North Bank for the return trip.

I always find Tower Bridge fascinating - I made a quick sketch to send as a postcard to my friend the Legal Eagle. After knowing her for nearly thirty years I managed to fall ill at the weekend and missed her wedding.

So Rachel, this little sketch is for you....

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Welsh Dog said...

Hi Phannie, sorry to hear you missed the royal wedding. Hope the Eagle had a magical day none the less. A browse of your recent posts suggests life in the big smoke is progressing much the same as always?

Your post on serendipity was quite apt because I was searching one of many old addresses for information when up popped the link to your blog!! Good to see it's still being used. I've not done much online for years other than drop occasional posts and pictures into Facebook.

Still, serendipity being what it is I thought I'd say hi and hope that you received my response to your mail of a few weeks back.

Say hi to the Angel for me. :)